Heavy Duty Folding Hoof Pick on Leather with Solid Brass Name Plate and Trigger Snap Unique Equestrian Gift starting at

$ 47.95

Heavy Duty Folding Hoof Pick on Leather with Solid Brass Name Plate and Trigger Snap Unique Equestrian Gift starting at



1. Choose one or two lines of engraving from the Number of Engraved Lines drop down menu.

2. Choose a font from the Font drop down menu for each line ordered.
NOTE: All fonts will be engraved in all HIGH case, EXCEPT the Scripts and Olde English, which will be Upper and Lower case.

3. In the text drop downs WRITE TEXT AS IT IS TO BE ENGRAVED. All custom text will be engraved as it is written, which includes spelling, spaces and punctuation. Please DON'T include quotes if you don't want them engraved.

Maximum of 24 characters, including spaces, per line.
An additional line is $3 extra. (We can usually accommodate more letters on the second line as these will be a little smaller.) The first line is usually a bolder, more prominent font, and any subsequent line is smaller; e.g. first line Roman Block (RB), second line Simple Block (SB).


Our novelty folding Hoof Pick on Leather Fob with Solid Brass Name Plate and Trigger Snap Is cut from the same heavy vegetable tanned leather as our single ring key fob. The 8-10 oz. strap is hand cut, dyed and finished in a medium Havana brown (black available) to complement your tack and style. The trigger snap is a hefty solid brass fitting that allows a secure, convenient and handy carry attachment. You could add a second line, if you'd like, for $3.00.

The overall dimensions are 8" x 3/4", which includes 8-10 oz leather strap, a 3" x 1/2" (.032 thickness) name plate attached with brass rivets, a 2" solid brass trigger snap, and a heavy duty hoof pick.

Our engraver's quality plates are finished with a baked-on synthetic resin, that will not tarnish or rust. They are sturdy, and create an elegant finish for your fob.

We quadruple rotary diamond burnish the name into the brass, to create a very durable engraving, much more durable than diamond etching or laser engraving. The exposed raw brass is then acid oxidized to produce the darkened text.


Please be sure to check your order before submitting and include a phone number to reach you on the “add to cart” page, if there is an issue. NOTE: If we don't receive a response to any questions we may have about your order we reserve the right to make our best judgement as to layout, colors fonts, case, and/or size.

We are also always happy to talk with you about your order at (240) 538-5589.