Belts are available in even sizes as shown in the listing drop-down menu.

Method 1 (Recommended, especially for ladies)

Take a flexible measuring tape and thread it through the belt loops as you would a belt. Be sure you have the tape measure at the level on your waist or hips where you plan to wear the new belt. Add two inches to this measurement to determine your belt size.

Method 2

Go By Your Pants Size. One way for men to determine which belt size to choose is to buy a belt that is two inches larger than your current pants size. Men's pants sizes are labeled according to waist measurement. For example, if you wear a size 34 pants, you could order a size 36 belt.

Method 3

Measure the belt that fits you well now.

Using your belt size, this is how the belt will be made, allowing up to two inches longer and up to two inches shorter than the ordered belt size:

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