Engraved Bridle Brow or XX Small Saddle Name Plate - Solid Brass or Nickel Silver - 2" x 3/8" starting at

$ 10.95


Starting at $10.95


  1. Choose Brass or Nickel Silver ($2.00 extra.)
  2. Choose one or two lines of engraving
  3. All custom text will be engraved as it is written. This includes the spelling of all words, names, upper or lower case letters, punctuation marks and spaces. Do not include quotes unless you want them engraved. Please be sure to check your order before submitting and include a phone number to reach you, if there is an issue. 
  4. For each line, choose a font from our fonts photos. We will engrave in all HIGH CASE (all caps) unless otherwise requested, except for Scripts and Olde English which will be engraved in Upper & Lower unless all high case is specifically requested.
  5. Choose brads (no charge), screws ($1.95) or rivets, ($1.95). We will send you the plate with the appropriate holes and fasteners to match. (If you are NOT ordering fasteners, we still need to know what fasteners the holes should be drilled for.)
  6. Change the QUANTITY at the bottom of the dialog if greater than 1.

Maximum of 14 characters, including spaces, per line, (usually one line). Remember this is a small tag. The more letters you try and squeeze on, the more condensed and thinner the cut will be. An additional line is $2 extra.


Our solid brass and solid nickel silver are the finest quality available for engraving, and are finished with a baked-on synthetic resin, that will not tarnish or rust.The plate is .032" thick, almost that of a dime, so it is sturdy, but still creating an elegant finish to your tack.

Available in brushed satin brass or nickel silver, ($2 extra) and comes with brads, screws ($1.95 extra) or rivets ($1.95 extra) in appropriate color, for use as a brow or bridle plate (attached with rivets), OR on the back of the cantle, (usually the saddle owner's name) with brads or round head Phillips screws ($1.95 extra.)

We quadruple rotary diamond engrave the name into the brass to create a very durable engraving, much more so than just diamond etching or laser engraving, that has a tendency to rub off. The exposed raw brass is then double acid oxidized to produce the darkened text.  

 Can also be used for Pet and ID tags, (mounted with rivets).

Thank you for your order!

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